Pincer knitex 9901 220mm Plastic handle

Pincer knitex 9901 220mm Plastic handle

Knitex clamp 9901 for cutting monofilaments, wire and wire clips. Measure 220mm with plasticized red magician.

knitex 99 01 220 rojo plástico


To twist and cut the cable in one operation: fast, reliable and economical

The non-prolonged precision and long service life make them the best selling pliers in the world

Cutting blades additionally hardened; hardness of the edge approx. 61 HRC

Special high-grade, forged, oil-hardened multi-stage tool steel

Pincers for shipowners (Russian pincers) DIN ISO 9242


Black pliers
Polished head
Cutting capacities of medium hard wire (diameter) Cutting capacities medium hard cable (diameter) 2.4 Ø mm
Cutting capacities of hard cable (diameter) Cutting capacities of hard cable (diameter) 1,6 Ø mm
Edge length mm 12 mm
Length Length 220 mm
Net weight Net weight 334 g
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