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Net 0.28mm x 40mm x 100md x 200mts /...
Net 0.28mm x 40mm x 100md x 200mts /...

Net 0.28mm x 40mm x 100md x 200mts / 0.50mm x 280mm x 9md x 200mts

Elevate your fishing experience with the pre-assembled fishing net ALMERORED, an innovative system that combines 0.28mm x 40mmsq x 100md x 200mts monofilament and 0.50mm x 280mmsq x 9md x 200mts trammel in white. This combination is designed to make it easy to assemble in the style of gillnets, streamlining your preparation and allowing you to focus on the catch.



Dive into fishing with our advanced pre-assembled net, combining a 0.28mm monofilament and 0.50mm trammel for unparalleled coverage and efficiency. The monofilament net, with 40mmsq meshes that extend up to 80mmsq and a depth of 100 meshes, is perfectly complemented by the 9-mesh trammel net, whose 280mmsq meshes reach 560mmsq extended, in both cases with 200 meters in length. This streamlined design promises a superior fishing experience, adapting to various conditions and types of fishing.

The innovation of our pre-assembled trammel lies in its ease of assembly, similar to that of a gillnet, which means you can have it ready for use faster and more efficiently. This feature ensures that you don't waste valuable time on preparation, allowing you to focus on what really matters: fishing. This practical design not only optimizes your time on the water but also enhances your fishing experience by combining functionality with convenience.


  • Monofilament Center Cloth: 0.28mm
  • Monofilament trammel net: 0.50mm
  • Half Mesh: 40mmsq, Stretched Mesh: 80mmsq, 100md, 200 meters long.
  • Half Mesh: 280mmsq, Stretched Mesh: 560mmsq, 9md, 200 meters long.
  • Total depth 5.04 meters
  • Length 200 meters
  • White

Discover the difference ALMERORED can make to your fishing experience with our pre-assembled trammel nets, designed for unsurpassed efficiency and ease of use. Don't wait any longer to raise your performance on the water. For more information or to place an order, please contact us at +34669163146 or write to us at info@almerored.com. ALMERORED, your ally in high-performance fishing.

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