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Net 0.30mm x 28mmsq x 40md x 100mts...
Net 0.30mm x 28mmsq x 40md x 100mts...

Net 0.30mm x 28mmsq x 40md x 100mts Green

Monofilament net 0.30mm x 28mmsq x 40 meshes x 100mts in green.

0.30x28x40x100 Verde


Experience Quality with Monofilament Netting:

  • Thread Diameter: 0.30mm.
  • Mesh: 28mmsq (Half mesh: 28mmsq, Stretched Mesh: 56mmsq).
  • Depth: 40md (2.24 meters).
  • Length: 100 meters.
  • Green color for camouflage and fishing efficiency.

Immerse yourself in excellence with our monofilament net, designed to enhance your fishing experience. With a thread diameter of 0.30mm, a 28mmsq and 56mmsq stretch mesh with a depth of 40 md (2.24 meters) and a length of 100 meters, this net gives you unmatched quality and resistance. The color green not only offers camouflage, but also effectiveness in your fishing days.

Discover the efficiency with the monofilament net: 0.30mm x 28mmsq x 40md x 100mts in green! With ALMERORED, leaders in fishing, get the perfect tool for your aquatic adventures. Improve your technique and increase your catches with our superior quality net. Don't wait any longer to boost your skills!

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