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Yokozuna TEMPEST 6000 FD reel - 1bb
Yokozuna TEMPEST 6000 FD reel - 1bb

Yokozuna TEMPEST 6000 FD reel - 1bb

Made of corrosion-resistant graphite. 1 ball bearing. Micro-adjustable front drag with spring. Balanced rotor. Oversized line guide. Graphite spool with included line. Size 6000, weight 383 grams, Ratio 5.0:1, and line capacity 0.35/195 - 0.40/150 - 0.50/195.



Yokozuna Tempest 6000 reel

The Yokozuna Tempest 6000 reel is an ideal option for fishermen looking for an affordable and durable reel. Made of corrosion-resistant graphite, this reel ensures reliable performance and a long lifespan in various fishing conditions.

Equipped with a ball bearing, the Yokozuna Tempest 6000 ensures smooth and efficient operation. Its front micro-adjustable brake with spring provides precise control during fishing, while the balanced rotor and oversized line guide improve stability and effectiveness in every cast.

The graphite reel includes line, allowing for immediate use of the reel. With a size of 6000, a weight of 383 grams, and a gear ratio of 5.0:1, this reel offers a perfect balance between power and ease of handling. Its line capacity is 0.35/195, 0.40/150, and 0.50/195, adapting to different fishing modalities.

Product features:

  • Size 6000, ideal for various fishing modalities.

  • Made of corrosion-resistant graphite.

  • Economical reel with excellent value for money.

  • 1 ball bearing for smooth operation.

  • Front micro-adjustable brake with spring.

  • Balanced rotor for greater stability.

  • Oversized thread guide.

  • Graphite spool with included thread for immediate use.

  • Weight: 383 grams.

  • Ratio: 5.0:1.

  • Thread capacity: 0.35/195, 0.40/150, 0.50/195.
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